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Why Choose Us?

We are very happy to say.....

We are not here to dump your body with intoxicating medicines. Every method applied here is Natural and drugless. 

We are adopting every drugless therapy to give you more relaxation from your chronic ailments....

"A good hope on Natural remedies and very happy to apply those Natural Rejuvenating methods"


About Us

Kranti Kumar sirra


Overcoming stress is one of the challenging issues in ongoing days...... 

There are so many disorders related to stress. Some of them are hypertension, diabetes, vertigo, migraine, paralysis, many sexual problems, psychological disorders, memory loss, depression,.......etc.

There is a remedy in alternative system.

"Here We Are"


DewDropNatureCureCentral is an Alternative therapy centre mainly follows Nature cure principles, Yoga and Meditation techniques...

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near Gnt road, M Nagulapalli, dwarakatirumala mandal, west godavari district, Andhra Pradesh, India _ 534425